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Oncology Nutrition

Optimal metabolic and nutritional health play an important role in cancer treatment and recovery. It is estimated that 50% of patients are malnourished at time of diagnosis. Our Oncology Dietitian Nutritionists help improve the nutritional status of oncology patients which may reduce treatment side effects, improve quality of life and treatment outcomes.

Our Oncology Dietitian Nutritionists specialize in nutrition counseling for cancer patients and offer personalized care through:

  • evidence-based recommendations that are drawn from scientific research and clinical experience
  • real-time collaboration with your multidisciplinary team
  • monitoring and analysis of clinical data to tailor therapeutic interventions
  • correction of nutritional deficiencies with a whole foods and supplements approach, keeping your food preferences in mind
  • adapting specific recommendations to your clinical situation to help address side effects, manage pain, prevent unwanted weight loss/gain and improve quality of life
  • reducing treatment interruptions, potential treatment toxicities or unplanned hospitalizations
  • guidance to help decrease the risk of cancer recurrence and other chronic diseases.

Oncology Nutrition Videos

Our Oncology Dietitian Nutritionists create educational videos for patients and caregivers. These videos address frequently asked questions such as nutrition support for common side effects, how to stay hydrated during cancer treatment and food safety during treatment. These videos can be watched from the comfort of your home at any time. Click here to see our full library of videos.

Oncology Nutrition Counseling

Individuals currently in treatment or within one year of their last treatment may receive nutrition counseling free-of-charge with the Cancer Center’s Oncology Dietitian Nutritionists, Sarah Washburn, MS, RDN, CSO, Rebecca Colvin MPH, RDN, CSO or Pamela Wells, MA, RDN. Email or call (805) 879-5652 to schedule an appointment. Oncology nutrition appointments are available in person and via Telehealth.

Oncology Nutrition Classes  - currently unavailable

Join our Oncology Dietitian Nutritionists to discuss the most recent research related to cancer, foods, and your lifestyle, all while preparing healthy seasonal foods to sample. Each monthly class covers different topics and research. Previous topics include:

  • The Impact of Diet on Inflammation and Cancer
  • Sugar and Cancer
  • Gut Health
  • Life on Aromatase Inhibitors
  • Meal Planning and Prep

Visit the calendar to see the monthly class schedule, email or call (805) 879-5652 for more information. These classes are offered free-of-charge to patients current in treatment or within one year of their last treatment, caregivers and family members.

Community Lectures

Our Oncology Dietitian Nutritionists participate in the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center Community Lectures program, which aims to inform and educate the public through presentations on interdisciplinary topics related to cancer care and cancer prevention. Past lectures focused on nutrition have included the following topics:


This program is made possible thanks to the generosity of the Cancer Foundation of Santa BarbaraRidley-Tree Cancer Center’s fundraising partner.